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Build A Successful Marketplace Similar To Thumbtack App - A Complete Guide

Yes! We are in 2021, we may have seen massive growth in nearly all fields with the help of the rapid pacing of technology. Yet, we can never deny the difficult situation a microscopic monstrous virus has put us in.

As each day progresses, it is true that we take one step further into the digital era. And, also at the same time, people don’t find it safe to make a trip to different shops to satisfy even their necessary daily needs. Thus, it’s evident that this crisis has made it difficult for both the service seekers and the service providers for any kind of services be it, grocery, food delivery, pet care, household essentials, and much more.

Fortunately, the development of on demand service platforms comes in handy at this juncture. It helps in overcoming the prevailing chaos by connecting the service providers with the service seekers with just a few taps through an application.

Thereby, day-by-day, the use of on demand service platforms started increasing as it serves the customer’s needs despite their location during this COVID crisis.

So, this scenario is a golden opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneur like you. This quickly mushrooming competition in the market has paved the way for many ambitious entrepreneurs to launch their own on demand service platform.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur with a burning desire within you to earn your niche among your competitors in the on demand service sector, then you need to build a renowned and unique app like the Thumbtack app.

And, to achieve this, you must know the important FAQs of the Thumbtack app, how to build an on demand marketplace similar to the Thumbtack app? and what are the benefits of using an exact clone solution?

Henceforth, stick with me throughout this article to gain the required insights on building your dream on demand marketplace using a Thumbtack clone.

Some important FAQs about the Thumbtack app

1Is it true that Thumbtack really works?
Yes, Thumbtack does a great job by generating more than 30,000 leads a day. Though not all leads turn into jobs, there are plenty of pros that have made Thumbtack app successful in the on demand service industry.
2How much does it cost to use the Thumbtack app?
If you are a tasker then pricing is nothing to worry about. Create your profile for free without any subscription fee. Taskers need to pay only when a seeker reaches out to get the services. The cost of such leads varies based on the scope of the project, your location, and a lot more.
3Does Thumbtack send fake leads?
No, Thumbtack is a reliable app for seekers and taskers and it does not generate any fake requests. If at all you feel insecure about any of the requests you get, then you can report it to Thumbtack without responding to the request.
4How do Admins get paid on Thumbtack?
The payments take place between the Admin and the customer through the Thumbtack platform. As an admin, it's you who must choose the payment methods if you are about to accept from a customer.

So, having read some FAQs of the Thumbtack app, those answers would have cleared your misconceptions on the reliability of the app. Now, let me tell you how to build your on demand service platform similar to one such astounding Thumbtack app.

How to build an on demand platform similar to the thumbtack app?

To build a successful on demand service platform like the Thumbtack app, there is a sequence that you must follow.
  • Find the needs of people
  • Devise an on demand business plan that would cater to the needs of people.
  • Look for a readily available clone solution to build your on demand service platform.
  • Get your desired platform customized as per your on demand business needs using a clone solution.
  • Try to drive traffic to your On demand service platform.

Hold your horses, I can clearly read your mind. You are wondering, why should I choose a clone solution to build the on demand service platform? Well, let me explain. You may opt to build your desired platform from scratch. Yet, it’s a herculean task that consumes a lot of money and eats up your time too.

Whereas, if you choose a ready-to-use thumbtack clone solution, you can customize it by adding trendy features as per your on demand business specifications. It reduces your cost, it’s quick and above all, you’ll end up with an on demand platform that’s reliable and built similar to an existing popular app.

Hope you have realized the purpose of using an exact clone solution to build an outstanding on demand marketplace like a Thumbtack. If you aren’t still convinced about using an exact clone solution, then go through the benefits I’ve listed below.

What are the benefits of using an exact clone solution?

By opting for a clone solution in accordance with your on demand service business plan, you will gain numerous benefits. To make it more clear, I’ve mentioned a few major advantages below.

The major benefit of choosing a cloning solution is that you can save a lot of time. The ready-made clone solution will let you save a lot of time by skipping the complete development cycle which is mandatory when it comes to developing a new app from scratch. Thus, when you choose the eminent on demand clone solution, you will have your desired on demand marketplace developed in no time!
Reduces Expense:
When it comes to developing an on demand service platform using the right clone solution, you will be able to overcome the hurdle of expense. As your desired platform will be developed with the concept of an existing app just by incorporating unique features in it, it will help you cut off expenses for sure.
Eases the Procedure
If you chose to build your on demand platform from scratch, it is a bit hard to take things ahead. Whereas it’s easy with the help of an awesome clone solution that has already gone through the process of testing, designing, or coding. All you need to do is to get your on demand service platform designed as per your on demand business specifications. So, using a proper clone solution you will have your online platform developed to perfection in no time.
No need for Coding Knowledge:
As mentioned earlier, you may have a burning desire to earn your niche among others in the on demand service industry. Yet, the lack of not having proper knowledge may induce the fear of making you stay behind in the race. And, if you choose an outstanding clone solution, this problem can be resolved with ease. Thus, lack of knowledge is no longer a barrier to build an excellent on demand service platform if you choose a precise clone solution.
Compete with your Competitors:
Though you are yet to begin your on demand business venture, you must be aware of the fact that the competition is high and it is quite difficult to earn your niche straight away. But, by using a clone solution it's quite possible. This is because you'll have an on demand service platform similar to an already popular Thumbtack app. Thus, such a unique platform built using the clone solution of an existing popular app will help in increasing the visibility of your newly developed platform. So, it helps you with getting ahead in the race with your competitors.

Thereby, you have gained enough insight about the Thumbtack app, how to build a unique on demand service platform using the exact clone solution, and the benefits of using an ideal Thumbtack clone. Yet you’ve to know the right place to find one such right clone solution.

Final thought

You have reached the last section of the article and yes! As mentioned above, there is a broad range of clone solutions available. And, finding an exact one amidst them will be really a piece of cake if you get connected with Appkodes. Appkodes is the right stop to provide you with an awe-inspiring Thumbtack clone solution that suits your online business needs.

Therefore, all you need to do is to get your desired Thumbtack clone and get it customized meticulously by including explicit features and cool functionalities in it.

What are you still waiting for? Quick! Grab your Thumbtack clone solution from Appkodes and build your unique on demand service platform within your budget. Best wishes on your new venture!

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