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Importance of ‘Contactless Delivery’ for On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business during COVID -19

The Novel Coronavirus needs no introduction. In a short span, it completely changed the dynamics of the world. As the scientist community yet to find a reliable solution to this outbreak, governments across the globe have opted for nation-wide lockdowns. Currently, more than fifty percent of the global population is under extreme lockdown. Yet, the pandemic continues to spread at a rapid rate.

As the majority of the stores are currently shut down, people are heavily dependent on on-demand delivery business, especially for essential items like grocery and medicine. In the past couple of months, online delivery for various grocery items has increased significantly. However, the importance of contactless delivery remains the same with the on-demand grocery delivery app. Here, this article will cover the importance of contactless delivery and how you can ensure complete protection against any possible COVID 19 infection. But, before jumping to the theme of the article, let’s discuss the reason behind the growing popularity of on-demand grocery delivery apps.

The Advantage of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Business against Traditional Stores during COVID 19

As most of the regions are currently under complete lockdown, a very few offline stores are allowed to open only for a specific time. As a result, they often attract a large number of gatherings, and it is suicidal to visit such stores. Even if you opt to visit the store at a relatively alone period, the chances of infection remain similar, if not the same. As a number of people have already marked their presence inside the store, you might still get infected. Therefore, it is highly advisable to avoid going for offline shopping, at least during the pandemic period.

How safe is Online Grocery Delivery?

The online delivery option is relatively safer than its offline counterparts. In online delivery, you don’t require to go outside of your home; therefore, the chances of meeting infected people reduces considerably. Besides, by opting for the online medium, you can successfully minimize any potential infection from external objects.

However, there is still a chance of infection unless you practice contactless delivery. For instance, in New Delhi, the national capital of India, a COVID 19 infected pizza delivery boy came into contact with as many as 72 families. But luckily, none of them found to be infected.

Why Contactless Delivery is so important

The administrations across the globe are putting their best efforts to prevent people from contacting people. Staying in self-quarantine is an ideal measure to limit the spread of this dangerous virus. Even in the online delivery, your body is potentially exposed to the infection by the delivery person, and vice versa. Once a new person gets infected by COVID 19, the infection chain will continue further, which will result in more and more infections.

As the name suggests, contactless delivery is merely delivering the product without having any physical contact. Such a step will ensure the safety of both the driver and the customer.

How to Practice Contactless Delivery

As there is no standard operating procedure (SOP) to practice contactless delivery, customers make several mistakes that increase the chances of infection. Here is a list of three essential processes to carry out a full-proof contactless delivery and ensure your safety.

Contactless Delivery

Choose the Contactless Delivery Option

These days, the majority of the top-end on-demand grocery delivery app development company added the feature of a contactless delivery option. By using this feature, you can pre-pay your amount and ask the delivery person to keep the packet outside the door, or you can instruct the person about the specific location. Therefore, the delivery person will ring your calling bell once or twice, keep the items outside the door, inform you via phone, and move to the next destination. It is completely safe, and you should use this feature to get the best possible result.
Online Transaction over Cash Payment

Prefer Online Transaction over Cash Payment

If your preferred on-demand grocery delivery app has no contactless delivery option, you can still call the delivery person and request for digital payment. Besides, ask the person to keep the packet just outside your doorstep.
Disinfect the Packaging

Disinfect the Packaging

As your grocery packet is carried by a stranger who is a potential carrier of the COVID 19, it is essential to disinfect the package before taking it to your house. After sanitizing the packet, through it in your outside dustbin. Once you are done with the packaging part, always remember to wash your hand using hand wash. And, don’t forget to sanitize the calling bell where he rested his finger.

Wrapping it off

In such a critical time, it is crucial to stay inside your house and put your best efforts in order to prevent the virus from entering your place. Try to prefer online on-demand delivery apps instead of visiting the market place regularly. Besides, practice the contactless delivery option to protect you, your family, the delivery person, and thousands more.

1What if the on-demand grocery delivery app is too busy to accept my order?

As the majority of the people are opting for online delivery, it will not be a surprise they will be busy. Therefore, don’t wait for the last moments, instead consider ordering your groceries as early as possible.

However, if you have to visit the market to buy your emergency needs, make sure to maintain a social distancing. Besides, avoid touching unnecessary items for a full proof measure.

2I have an offline store. Can I develop my own application?
Yes, you can. But, you need to make sure the availability of the required amount of human resources for the delivery. Besides, you can consider to develop on-demand grocery delivery app with a contactless delivery option.
3Who will be benefitted from the contactless delivery option?
Such an innovative technique will eliminate any chances of infection. Therefore, it is going to help you, your family, and society as a whole.
4Is contactless delivery option full proof?
Yes, you can say that. By using the three above mentioned points, you can eliminate the risk factor considerably.