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April 13, 2020
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How to Develop App Like DoorDash Successfully ? 3 Must Have Features to develop Uber for Food Delivery app

Do you want to Develop app like Doordash and be a part of food delivery app market? Go ahead as per the experts’ analyze the popularity of meal delivery services will never be fade soon. Instead, the food delivery apps grow at a steady pace for the past few years. Therefore, it would be a great idea to step into the food delivery app market now.

However, you need to make sure of hiring a highly reliable and skillful developer for developing your food delivery app, just like the DoorDash or Ubereats. For those who unaware of food delivery app DoorDash, it is the 3rd most popular food delivery app in the USA with a whopping $600 million in funding.

Tips to Develop app like Doordash - Uber Like Food Delivery App

Once you decided to start on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash, you need to make sure about having three different app features for three different users (Customers, Restaurant Owners, and Delivery Drivers).

Develop App like Doordash

App for Customers

Well, on-demand food delivery app should allow users to search food, track the ordered food, and payment option for the ordered food. It is inevitable for on-demand food delivery apps to be equipped with APIs for hassle-free payment services.
develop App Like DoorDash

App for Restaurant Owners

Restaurants must be notified about the customer’s order is the unique and simplest way, so that restaurants can proceed further. On Restaurant owner app, it should have a feature of accepting or rejecting users/buyers order, sending confirmation messages to customers, dispatching notifications while driver reaching restaurants along with driver details and ratings. Besides, the restaurant app should include features like showing the total number of orders received, earnings details per day, or weekly basis.
app for drivers

App for Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers app must notify the details of orders dispatched by the users/buyers to the nearby restaurants of drivers. Also, the must-have app features like accepting or rejecting options must send a notification to customers once the driver picks up the food from the restaurant, can send tracking signals to the customers’ app. Also, the app must include the payment details of the driver based on the distance traveled and the option of adding drivers bank details in the app for receiving payment directly Meanwhile, if you are considering developing a food delivery app just like the Uber, then you need to look out these three must-have features.

3 Important Features to Consider Before Developing an App like Uber

Access to Data:

The app must include all the details of restaurants, dishes, locations, and so. Therefore, users/buyers can able to sort down the relevant restaurants at ease.

In-App Payments:

In spite of having features ordering/group ordering foods and real-time tracking, the food delivery app must have an in-app payment feature so that buyers/users can feel more convenient on paying for their orders right away. Also, the COD (Cash On Delivery) option too essential to attract the customer who doesn’t like virtual payments.

Reviews & Rating:

Finally, the app must provide an option to the buyers/users to review or rate the restaurant and delivery driver about their service. By doing so, it will be helpful for other buyers/customers to order food from the same restaurant.