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All You Need To Develop App Like Uber Clone

The fast-paced life of metropolitan cities has urged the commuters to opt for ridesharing services. The increase in traffic and lack of parking space is something we all have been dealing with, don’t we? The market of ridesharing apps has seen a rise in recent years, and more entrepreneurs are now willing to invest in apps like- Uber. If you are fascinated by the app idea of Uber and planning to build the same for your business, then we have got a lot of information for you. We have framed the list of features, how it works, and the cost to create an app just like Uber. Let’s dig in the details!

How Does The Uber Application Works

The Uber app is currently operating in more than 800 countries with apps both on Android and iOS platforms. Uber is a smart app with a smooth interface where both the passengers and drivers can track each other’s location. Also, the app allows you to connect via messages and VOIP-based calls easily. The Uber app has made commuting easy for several people out there. You get different options in the car types to choose from, so you get to select your comfort wheels.

Here are a few steps that explain how the Uber application works

Request A Ride:

When the passenger requests a ride or schedule it, the nearby driver automatically connects.


The driver can either accept or reject the ride. In case, they reject, the request then passes on to other drivers.

Get the Ride:

The user can track the ride coming and also see the fare estimations.

Payment Option:

You get different payment options to pay for the ride. It can be by cash, credit card, or through other money transfer applications.


Well, it is crucial for both the rider and driver to rate each other for their ride experience. The rating help in enhancing the services.

Features To Create An Uber-Like App

We have listed a few features that are required to create your dream ridesharing app.

Register and Create a Profile
Well, registration is the basic feature for creating an app like - Uber. The feature helps in keeping the tracks of the users and allows the users to get access to the app services and features. Just like Uber, you can choose to offer registration for the users in two ways - register through emails or social media channels. You can also ask for the phone number confirmation to complete the profile. Make sure you add options like - forget the password, payments, and ratings in the profile, so you can connect better with the audiences.

One of the primary features of the Uber-like app is the location. The GPS technology helps in finding the location. As soon as the user books the ride, they will see the driver’s location that gives them a fair estimate of how far the ride is. This works the same for the driver; they can track the user’s location and reach on time.

The technology works the same way as Google Maps work. Uber uses the Geolocation API that helps in providing a real-time view of the location. So, if you are planning to create an app similar to that of Uber, this feature will surely enhance the user experience.


Effortless communication is what makes the Uber app going! The ridesharing apps work smoothly because of effective communication and user interaction. The Uber app uses texts and messages to stay in touch with users. And, thus, it is essential to maintain regular interaction with each other. For this, you can send them SMS texts, push notifications, and emails. You can inform them about the latest offers or other important information regarding the app.

Uber gives an in-built messaging feature that allows the riders and drivers to connect. Not just that, you can also make calls using the VOIP-based calling feature that will enable you to call each other without revealing your number. If you want your ridesharing app to work seamlessly, then adding great communication features is a viable option.


Another feature you need to consider while creating an app like - Uber is payments. In Uber, the user gets the fare estimation based on the type of cars they will be using. This gives the user a fair idea of how the fare will be calculated with specific details. Your app needs to have flexible payment options.

When it comes to payments, you need to assure secure integrations. You can choose payment gateways like - Stripe or Braintree. These integrations assure that all the payments are secure and easy. Also, make sure you give your users an option to save their card details, so they don’t have to enter these every time they pay.

Wrapping Up!

We have tried to cover all the factors that you need to understand while creating an Uber-clone app. Hope, you got an idea of what all it takes to create an app like - Uber. If you have anything to discuss on Uber-clone, drop your message in the comment section. We would love to know your thoughts!

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