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How to Develop Fantasy Cricket App Like Dream11? [ Features & Cost]

Not everyone has the leverage to pick a bat and play cricket daily, neither everyone can watch cricket in the stadium. In the era of smartphones, the spirit of cricket has been transferred to apps. In the days of fantasy cricket, players can choose their team using their analytical and cricketing knowledge and get the opportunity to win a lot of money in a specific time frame.

In fantasy sports app, players experience the real-life thrill of cricket and keep involved in the game throughout. The feature of fantasy sports has become popular very early. Though there are fantasy sports applications for other games such as rugby and football, fantasy cricket has been loved most, especially in the Indian subcontinent. As per the stats, by the end of 2019, over 100 million users of the Fantasy app.

Fantasy Applications in Details

There are two ways in which the fantasy game is played:

  • Select the players, make teams, and build your own tournament.
  • Select the players from various teams and just play based on their performance in the actual match.

A well-performing fantasy cricket app is an assurance of profitable business for the investors. An investor can hire a fantasy cricket app developer for both mobile and PCs. A renowned app development company with some sorts of experience in developing fantasy applications can help investors build unique and engaging sports applications for fantasy cricket.

So, let's see the Fantasy sports app's key features, which would keep the app out of the crowd and guarantee investors' success.

The App Must Be User Friendly

The user-specific features must be simple, attractive, and enthusiastic to bring the gamer on board and also retain them to use the app for a more extended period. The following features could be improvised in the game for an overall pleasant experience.

• Home Screen: the main screen of the fantasy app must be engaging and encompassing all navigation without ambiguity.

• Contest Details: the leagues created, participated, and results must be compiled here in tabular form. This can also include the pictorial representation of performance.

• Payment Options: Payment gateways must be safe and secure. Besides, it must accept all available payment options such as cards, net banking, and UPI.

• Profile of User: The user profile must be editable and have options for verifications. To follow the Government's guidelines, the profile may also include KYC.

Admin or Operator Specific Features:

The game operators need to assist and monitor the gamer through a dedicated team. So there are certain features for admin that must be taken into considerations.

• Dashboard: The developer's dashboard makes available to the operator and must display all information related to the application. The information consists of all details related to matches like total matches, planned LIVE matches, total investments, total participants, and total earnings.

• Management: The operator must be able to manage user accounts. The management includes updating, additions, deletions, activation, and deactivation of various userIDs under various scenarios.

• Match Related Management: The admin is provided with full control to manage, update, add, delete, edit, activate, and deactivate tournaments, and individual matches.

• Category of the Matches: In this section, admin has the leverage to manage the category of the matches efficiently. • Revenue Management: Admin can check and view total earnings and related revenue from various matches by applying various filters under this section.

• Rewards and Bonuses Management: The rewards and bonuses are the way to retain gamers and expand the game's reach. Under this section, the admin can give reward points to the participants. The prize money or bonuses could also be increased or decreased according to different scenarios.

• Management Related to Withdrawals: Admins get the right to process the withdrawal of the amount in their bank account. Admins should have full control over this.

Additional Features Of The Fantasy Sports App

• Live Match: This feature allows the users to have a glance of live scores, see match highlights, and commentary. The gamers can also have a look at experts' opinions regarding various matches and tournaments.

• API Integration: The platform of the app becomes well-performing with API integration, taken care of by game app developer.

• Notifications: The feature of notifications allows admin to send alert messages to the users about the timing of matches, deadline to make their team, and various other reminders.

• Analytics and Real-time Data: A well-performing app constantly record every data; this feature uses the data by which gamer and admins strategize their moves.

• Location Tracking: By the option of location sharing, a user can learn about the matches in the vicinity of his location.

How much does it cost to develop Fantasy Cricket app like Dream11 and factors influencing it:

As per the market trend, the cost of the development of a fantasy game app is around $8000-$9000 for both android and iOS platforms. There are certain admin charges as well, which may reach up to $9000. However, a game that has features of adaptability of android, iOS, windows, and PCs as well, then the investor must pay around $20,000.

The following are the factors that makeup to the charges of fantasy game app.

The platform for Application:

The major part of the costs goes as to how compatible the game would be on a particular platform or how it would be performing across all platforms. One can make the correct assumption that developing a fantasy app for android is lesser than that for iOS.

Design of Application:

A fantasy app with a color and graphic attractiveness attributes to an increase in its cost for development. The engaging and unique app would attract more gamers, so the investment here is quite justified.

Size of Application:

The larger size games cost more as they support more features and functions.

Type of Application

There are three types of fantasy game app.

• Native Apps: For iOS, Android, Java, and Windows. These apps are complicated in creation.

• Hybrid Apps: They are easy to develop and manage due to a single programming language.

• Web Apps: Here, a website work as a game app. It is cost-effective; however, it has its own sets of disadvantages.

Summing up:

Through this blog, there was an attempt to make readers aware of the fantasy game app and its features. It has also been explained as what leads to the cost of development and management of the game app. The factors mentioned here are going to help investors to make balance decisions and ensure profitable revenue.

With a broad understanding of the Fantasy league apps, their profits, development cost, and allied factors, now there must be some questions still left, so here are few frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the basic meaning of fantasy sport?
Fantasy sport is an online gaming platform that allows the participant to play a virtual game. The virtual teams compete with each other based on real player's statistical performances.
2Is the fantasy app only available for cricket?
No, there are multiple other games where gamers can play fantasy games. These include rugby, football, baseball, horse riding, tennis, and the long list.
3Is the fantasy league a legal game?
Yes, it is completely legal.
4What is all platform where I can play the fantasy league?
The user can play the fantasy game on android, PC, and iOS as well.