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Fiverr clone app - Crucial features and potential monetization strategies

As a business person, you would indeed have an idea about the online job marketplace industry progressing swiftly in recent years. Many businesspersons are trying their luck in this industry, and a few of them have also become successful.

Fiverr is a job marketplace service launched in the year 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shal Wininger. Their major goal was to provide an online platform that will help freelancers and employers connect effortlessly. Many freelancers who are looking for a temporary job felt that this platform was highly beneficial. Followed by the huge success of Fiverr, many such platforms were launched in the market. You can also set up a similar venture with a Fiverr clone app. In this blog, you will get an outline of why apps like Fiverr are a success, its revenue sources, and more.

Why is the job marketplace app successful?

1. With this app, a wide variety of services can be availed by employers and freelancers.

2. Another major advantage is that the service offered via these platforms are highly affordable.

3. It is profitable for the freelancers as they will assign a fixed payment, but the workload depends on the employer. For instance, a lesser amount of work will be offered to freelancers for a fixed price.

4. Payment procedures in these apps are secure and easy. With just a few steps, employers can pay freelancers.

5. Employers can choose the best and most suitable freelancers to do their jobs based on their reviews and ratings.

6. Using the filters available in the app, employers can choose the highly rated or popular freelancer for their job.

Enhanced features of a Fiverr clone app:

Your job finding app should have a few attributes that will entice more users towards your service. There is a list of features specified below that can be added to the app:

Employer panel
Employers should be able to provide jobs to freelancers around the world via their panel. They must be able to post jobs, contact gig workers, and manage projects effectively. Their panel should have the following attributes:
Project details
Employers should be allowed to list out multiple projects on the app, and the relevant details such as the type of candidates needed, duration of the project, etc.
Viewing freelancer profiles
They should be able to view and analyze the profiles of registered freelancers to know if they are suitable for the project and obtain a few other details.
Reviews and ratings
They should be allowed to rate the freelancers and review their service based on the output delivered. This will help other employers make informed decisions.
Private messaging feature
This feature will help employers contact freelancers who are suitable to work in their projects. Employers can also enquire about project deadlines, working hours, and more.
Payment gateways
The app should have multiple payment gateways via which they can pay the freelancers for each milestone or after project completion.
In-app wallet
Make sure that you have an in-built wallet in the app using which employers can transfer payments to freelancers or upload money whenever required.
Quick notifications
Employers should send invites to freelancers and get notified about the status via push notifications or text messages.
Freelancer panel
Freelancers should be able to set up a profile and look for job opportunities via the freelancing app. They should apply for any relevant jobs and contact the employer via email or in-app chat module. The app has the following features:
Build a profile:
Freelancers should create a profile for themselves by specifying the basic details, qualifications, relevant experience, and more.
Featured list
Freelancers must list their profiles in the featured list by paying a fixed fee to the admin. It will help them get noticed by employers quickly.
Accept/Reject projects
Freelancers should be allowed to accept or decline any project requests. They can view the project details via the app and then accept it if required.
Search filters
Freelancers must be able to use search filters to find the best employers or job opportunities related to their field of experience.
Attach files
Freelancers should be able to upload or attach any project-related and other documents to the app when required. Also, they should be able to attach files of any format to the Fiverr clone app.
Social media account login
The app should also allow freelancers to sign in to the app using any social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Push notifications
Freelancers should be updated about any new opportunities, payment information, and more. Users can also be updated via text messages.
Admin panel
Admins should be able to effectively manage the entire process with the help of the tools available in their dashboard. They must be able to access all user-related data if required.
Manage users
Admins must be able to manage employers and freelancers who register with the app. They should also be able to analyze skill sets and connect both the parties.
Resolving disputes
Admins should handle any disputes between employers and freelancers and fix it as soon as possible.
Quick verification
Admins should also verify the accounts of freelancers and employers once they register with the app. If users have integrated their social media accounts, admins should be able to check that as well.
Set commission
Admins should be allowed to manage the in-app wallets and commission via their dashboard. They must be able to set a commission percentage using their panel.

How does the job marketplace app generate revenue?

If you have plans to purchase and customize a Fiverr clone script, you should know about the app's list of revenue sources.
Project listing charge:
Employers have to pay the project listing fee if they wish to list multiple projects via the app. Once they pay the fee, the feature to post projects will be unlocked. Similarly, freelancers can also apply for multiple projects under the same organization.
Featured list:
Freelancers can pay a fee to become a part of the featured list by paying a fee to the admin. Employers will be suggested freelancers from the list when they search for one. It will help freelancers obtain an opportunity quickly.
Freelancer commission:
Freelancers should pay a commission after completing a milestone or get a job opportunity via the app.
Employer commission:
Employers should pay a fixed commission for hiring a freelancer via the app, completing a milestone, or a project. This is one of the significant sources of revenue in an online job finding app.
Commission for skill test:
Freelancers must be allowed to take up a skill test to identify the level of talent or the type of skill set they possess. To take up this test, freelancers have to pay a fixed fee. This test will help them understand their prowess. Each test they take up will have a different fixed fee.
Sealed fee:
Freelancers will want to hide their bidding status and make it private. To do so, they have to pay fixed charges to the admin. After they pay, their bidding status will be hidden successfully.
Invoice commission:
The Freelancer clone app should have third-party extensions to generate invoices. Employers and freelancers have to pay a charge for each invoice generated via the app.
Private fee:
If employers wish to keep their organization and project details private and restrict access from non-registered users, they have to pay the private fee to the business owner. On paying, this feature will be unlocked for employers.
Offer multiple packages to freelancers via the app. If they subscribe for a monthly or yearly package, it will be a regular revenue source for you.

Build your job marketplace app right away!

The above mentioned detailed information will help you build the perfect app like Fiverr for your venture. Find a firm that excels in Fiverr clone app development and develop a feature-rich app. Make sure that you build a user-friendly app that entices more users towards your service. Start your development process now with the best firm.

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