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Online Business Ideas with Effective Ways and Strategies
November 7, 2020
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July 2, 2021

How to develop a Matrimony App ? Features to Include in Matrimony App Development

Not so long before, marital matches were considered being the responsibility of the parents or professional matchmakers. But now with the rising inclination towards technology, matrimonial website development and app development has solved this problem. This technology advent has eased down the burden of parents and roles of professional match markers.

Matrimonial websites and apps are easy and bring a lot of choices of potential brides and grooms under a single roof. Matrimonial websites include a lot of information including the bride and groom's age, education, caste, profession, and so on. This information will help the parents to find the ideal life partner for their son or daughter.

Are you planning to develop a best matrimony app or website anytime soon? If yes, then reading this blog post will bring the best benefits to you. Here in this blog, we have described some of the essential features to include in the matrimonial app.

Essential Features To Be Included In Your Matrimony App

Several features play an important role in deciding the accessibility of the matrimonial app. Choosing the right features for your application will go a long way to decide the overall success of the matrimony app.

The following are some of the essential features based on the user and admin panel.

User Panel Features

  • Registration through the phone number, email address, or social media account.
  • Create a user profile.
  • Choose preferences for life partners.
  • Upload a few pictures of users.
  • Add personal, education or other essential information.
  • Search for suitable profiles using a host of available features.
  • Get through the profile of search users.
  • Match the astrology compatibility if it seems needed.
  • Report or block any inappropriate user.
  • Send or receive a user’s connect request.
  • Request a photo or horoscope of the user.
  • Communication establishment with the suitable candidate either through real-time chat or video call.
  • Multiple paid membership plans.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Apply promo codes.
  • Save profile.
  • Round the clock customer support services.
  • Send and receive notifications.

Admin Panel Features

  • Login
  • Dashboards
  • Bride/groom profile verification
  • Manage rewards
  • Manage affiliation program
  • Manage Membership packages
  • Cloud storage integration
  • CMS integration
  • CRM integration
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Smart search
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Third-party API integration
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Notification
  • User profile management

Advanced Features for Matrimonial Website

Now as we had taken a look at the basic features of matrimonial website development, let us dig deep into a few of the advanced features of the matrimonial website.
Geolocation Tracking
This feature comes in handy for the users to find out the potential life partners near to their location. With this feature, they can filter the profile on the application depending on the location.
Search & Filter
This feature helps users find out the desired matches depending on the people’s education qualification, age, city, caste, and so many others.
In-App Chat
This is one of the most essential features to be associated with a matrimonial app. This feature will come in handy for the users to communicate with their ideal matches. This is quite easy and the most favoured way of communication.
User Privacy & User Blocking
This is one of the dominant concerns in today’s technology-driven time. The matrimonial website needs to provide the best level of security to the players. The website or mobile app needs to have a blocking feature that enables the users to block inappropriate users.
In-App Camera
With the help of an in-app camera, users can share pictures directly using the in-app camera.
Pin Favorites
While browsing through the hundreds or thousands of the profile, the user can pin the particular profile to visit the profile later.
Social Media Integration
These features will allow the users to dig deep into the other user’s social media accounts. This way users can confirm the authenticity of the other user’s profile.
Upload Horoscope
In India, still, people believe to match bride and grooms Kundli to find out their compatibility with each other. Hence, it would be a prominent feature if you allow the users to upload their horoscope on the application.
User Authentication
The immense popularity of the matrimonial app has drawn the attention of hackers or fraud people. They are using this website or mobile app to create fake profiles and rob people. To prevent your application from such people, you need to integrate the suitable authentication mode with your application.
Push Notification
This feature will come in handy for the admin. The admin can send push notifications to the users including the latest offers, special offers, rewards and any other essential information.
Matrimonial websites like, Jeevansathi, have undeniably simplified the tedious process of matchmaking. Professional matchmakers who are already in the market can launch their matrimonial website or app to cope with the increasing demand for technology.

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