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April 19, 2020
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Decoding the Costing Factor of On-Demand Mobile App Development

Imagine on a busy weekday you don’t have time to go out for lunch. Or, you need to book a cab for a client meeting. You'll most likely order food using a food delivery app or book a taxi using the ride-hailing service like Uber or any other on-demand mobile app.

An on-demand mobile app helps you to book a cab, doing a consultation with a medical practitioner, or order food. On-demand mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular owing to their easy access and saving of time and cost.

Read below to find out about the on-demand app development cost, process, and the important features for a custom on-demand app development.

What is an On-demand app?

The on-demand mobile app helps to connect buyers and sellers. They let the buyer find out a relevant service and order them. Even the buyer can pay for the service using the on-demand app. The on-demand mobile app provider takes a small percentage of the payments as their service charge.

Factors effecting costing of a custom on-demand app development

The cost for the development of an on-demand app depends on the complexity of the application. Before deriving the final costing for the custom on-demand app development, there are several factors need to be considered.

The technical factors:

There are 4 major parts behind the costing of on-demand app development services:

  • Setting up the server
  • Developing the front end for the user
  • App UI for the service provider
  • Backend admin module to control the whole application

Essential features which affect cost:

An on-demand mobile app like Airbnb should have the following essential function for easy access and use:

Location tracking is one of the most important features of on-demand app development services. Whenever a user orders food or book a cab, it is crucial to determine the location of the user for the delivery of the services. The integration of a credible map application is also necessary so that the map coordinates can be matched with the actual address.

Once the address is confirmed, the app shows the shortest route to reach the users' place. The selection of a credible source of the map is very important. A good quality map shows different options to reach the users' place and also recommends the shortest route for quick delivery.

There are two ways to send the notification. The notification can be sent from the server using the cloud or the app can send the notifications after receiving it from the server. In the first process, some glitches may be there as the cloud sometimes delays delivery. In such cases, the user may receive a late notification. It is always recommended to have a socket server for the real-time delivery of the notifications.

The integration of payment gateway is one of the significant points while developing an on-demand app. For any monetary transactions, safety and security are significant concerns. For a safe and secure transaction, a trusted payment platform needs to be integrated into the app. So when the users pay the money, it will go to the payment platform. On successful transaction, the money will be transferred to the service providers' accounts. Payment gateways help in smooth and secure payment and make payments and withdrawals very easy.

Detailed costing for an on-demand app development

Check out the working hours needed for the development of each module of the on-demand mobile app. The estimation made here is based on the standard features which may vary depending upon the type of project.

Analysis of the project
Software requirement specifications
Defining the wireframes
the front end
Implementation (iOS/Android)
System features
Configuration of the basic app
Real-time notifications
Integration of social media
Integration of payment gateway
user access
Development of web application
System features
Configuration of the basic structure
Real-time notifications
Integration of social media
Integration of payment gateway
User access
Integration of site map
Generation of promo codes
Testing and modifications
2670 – 3770

Concluding With:

An on-demand mobile application is going to be the most demanded application owing to their flexibility using which the user can access any service anytime and anywhere. Service operators can use the app to expand their services to a completely new set of customers.

The costing of an on-demand app development service varies depending on the requirement of the user. You need to discuss the requirements with a trusted on-demand app development company to document your exact need before arriving into final costing.

In case you are a business owner and looking for expansion of your services then consider developing an on-demand app. An experienced on-demand app development company will provide you the best solutions in the market which brings in huge returns for your business.