3 Must Have Features to develop Uber for Food Delivery App Like DoorDash
April 13, 2020

Features That Must Be Included In Your P2P Application

The peer-to-peer payment system acts as an intermediary, helping someone to transfer funds from their bank account to someone else's bank account using an application called a partner application.

Peer-to-peer applications enjoy tremendous popularity among young people, who are generally more confident in sharing their financial data with third-party software than generations who are less technologically advanced.

To create applications that facilitate partner payments, companies that develop mobile applications must have several important features that make their applications successful. Without these features, it's almost impossible to survive on the market today.

1. Notification

This feature is useful because it informs users about the start or receipt of payment. In addition, all activities in the portfolio are notified. In addition, the person-to-person payment application has expanded its services to send bill payment notification dates and ticket reservations.

2. Send Invoices, Invoices

There must be a feature that allows users to scan the accounts of paying people. In addition, the application must create a transaction invoice that can be obtained from the sender and recipient.

3. Transaction History

The application must have a feature that allows users to see a summary of all previous transactions made through a peer-to-peer payment application.

4. Unique ID / OTP

Each mobile financing solution must send a unique identification number or one-time password (OTP) so users can verify this before debiting the amount from their wallet or account. To make security more stringent, some P2P payment systems ask for an OTP every time a user enters the application.

5. Transfer Amount

Typically, users like a peer-to-peer payment application giving them the flexibility to transfer money from the application to their bank account. Each money transfer application has a different business model that charges a small fee, which is different for each application.


The P2P payment application is redefining the way we make payments in many ways and will continue to do so in the years to come. Increasing numbers indicate that people are slowly moving from physical money to digital, which is the future. Now is the best time to invest time and money in developing a solid P2P payment application and get the benefits of the first machine. P2P payments are still a special segment that will undergo rubber transformation in the coming years and you must be the first to adapt to these benefits.